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I hope you enjoy the imagery as much as I love photographing my surroundings. This blog is more of a personal insight to my life. Please come in and explore. You will see images from my everyday explorations or the not so extraordinary, to the work you hire me to do. This is here to share what I love, my family, my surroundings, and of course photography!



The brazil room

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The day started off foggy and grey, high up in the hills of Berkley, CA. Nestled inside Tilden Park is the Brazil room, where these two said their I Do’s in front of a small group of close friends and family. The day did clear up to sunny skies and warmer temperatures, after all we were close to the San Francisco bay, and it’s notorious for its fog. JMwedblog-1


I took advantage of the beautiful setting and used that as my backdrop, a dream for me! Woods, and fog which I find to be perfect, especially with the contrast of the flowers and the bridal party’s colors. I am a sucker for succulents too! I think it’s because my wedding incorporated a lot of it.





Parkwood Cottage

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In March I had the pleasure of shooting a friend’s wedding, down in Pasadena! Arlene and Mike were married in their backyard. They call their home Parkwood Cottage, named after the street it’s on. The wedding was a very DIY celebration. From the wedding dress, to the cake. Every friend had a part in making this day happen.



AfMfweddingblog-15the dessert table had kitties all over. Such a cute thing to do, especially if you’re a cat lover. These two have several cat babies.



AfMfweddingblog-118The dress was custom made by Cynthia Vincent, who happens to be Arlene’s work mom! Her dress was absolutely stunning, and looked amazing on her. There was a fashion/wedding dress crises at one point, and somehow I found myself threading needles for Cynthia.




Mardi Gras in San Jose

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Last weekend we were invited to celebrate Mardi Gras. Stepping into the couple’s back yard we were transported back to NOLA. Even the 9 year old says “this makes me miss our vacation to New Orleans”

Beads, beer, hurricanes, pina coladas, gumbo, red beans and rice, and of course music.  Kept us in spirits in having a good time.





we started the celebration by parading through the neighborhood. The band led the 2nd line, and the rest followed. We covered about 3 blocks before heading back and taking part in the food and drinks.







BattleDish San Jose

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Nothing entices me more than yummy yummy food and drinks. This past weekend I was able to try different dishes at Battledish hosted by Dishcrawl, and San Pedro Square Market.  From Pork Belly to Ice cream there was something for everyone.



BDSJ-9It’s a great event to try different places out with out being committed to just one place. It also brings people together for the love of food, overhearing strangers ask each other “which one did you try?” or “which one did you like the best?”

Honestly, I heard so many different answers. I wouldn’t have the answer myself. People were judging the food, and later it will be posted on, you can also find a lot of information about other events that they will be hosting.






AND let’s not forget about the cocktails, oh yes there were cocktails to be judged! There were several signature cocktails, and beer, all being served at the Garage Bar.




Hanging out with Lost San Jose.

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Today I took up the opportunity to hang out with street photographer Lost San Jose, and go shooting with him. I normally don’t go out with the intention to just shoot, I just happened to stumble upon something and do it. When Josh aka Lost San Jose invited me to go out on a “photo walk” I couldn’t resist. With our cameras in tow, we set out to the Alviso district of San Jose.




Alviso sits at the southern edge of the San Francisco bay, and used to be a fishing, canning sort of place. For some reason it reminded me a little of the towns in Alaska. Old broken down cars, run down homes, and the gray sky. Josh gave me a brief history of the place, and a few warnings about the locals and their hate for photographers. It sucks that when a photographer shows disrespect to a neighborhood, it ruins it for others. Luckily with the few stares we had, I nicely waved hi! I would get a wave back. I guess it was a little acknowledgment that I know I’m being watched.




As I shot my surroundings, I also took some shots of the man doing what he does. Unearthing the lost and forgotten parts of town. Let me tell you his work is great.

I met the guy through instagram (Lost San Jose’s Instagram),  liking his work and commenting. I eventually accidentally met him and his wife in person (I ended up going to a local vender craft fair and he was selling his work), and well we all hit it off! They became our first friends in San Jose.





I had a good time walking, shooting, and instagraming. We got a 5 mile walk out of it, and some great shots.








lived and loved

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This past weekend we were down in Southern California, and the drive down was a lot different then previous times. The person who livened up the home is no longer there. Our journey down was beginning of us saying goodbye, but also celebrating an extraordinary person. I watched my husband go through hundreds of images, looking through the past and telling stories. He would try to decipher occasions that were happening, first dates, family gatherings, and vacations. On occasion he would come across an image that would make him laugh.

blogcris-6  blogcris-5  blogcris-4

My husband would pull out pictures, and I was in charge of scanning them, printing, and placing them in picture frames. It was all for the memorial reception. She was a woman that hated taking pictures, but that didn’t stop us from sharing little moments in her life. My sister in law also put up the Xmas tree that was re-wired with hundreds and hundreds of lights. At the reception guest left little notes about Cris, and placed them on the tree.

We don’t know how she did it, and we marveled at the tree because that women outdid her self. It took 4 of us, a flashlight, and a pair of pliers to take the tree down and move it to the church.




After the reception we headed back to the house, and shared stories of the past. With a women like my mother in law, there are hundreds of stories to tell. She was full of life, and had grand adventures all over the world.  What was not to share?




Featured on Melissa Hearts Weddings

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mhw-blogBadge3-featuredOni was honored to be featured on Melissa Hearts Weddings! Thank You!

Design is Everything!

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Before the holidays I had the opportunity to photograph Don Norman who is an author, speaker, and an ex-VP at Apple. He’s written several books on design, and most tech people who work in design know who he is. The event was held on the Stanford campus and hosted by Stanford School of Business.








Saying Goodbye

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It’s been awhile since my last official post, and so much has happened. I don’t know what to write or what to share at this moment, but I recently lost my Mother in Law unexpectedly. She was a wonderful woman, and I was honored to have been her daughter. Right now, I’ve been digging through thousands of files looking for pictures of her. It’s not an easy task because she never liked taking pictures, but I know I snuck a few shots here and there. What kind of photographer am I if i couldn’t get any in? Then again I lived in the moment when we were around her!

Cris may you dance the night away, and forever live in our hearts. You are a great inspiration of doing the impossible!